dr. zakir naek’s books

Download Great Schloar of this age, Dr. Zakir Naek’s Books in Bengali Language.

1.  Concept of God in Major Religion / prodhan prodhan dhorme Sristikortar Dharon –                  Download

2.  Centre of Islam / islamer kendrobindu  – download

3. Replies to the common questions against Islam / Islamer biruddhe sadharon proshner jawab –            Download

4. Al – Quran and Its beauty / Al quran ebong er sondorjo-   Download

5. Zihad and Terrorism / Zihad ebon sontrashbad -Part-1  –   Download

6. 5. Zihad and Terrorism / Zihad ebon sontrashbad -Part-2  –   Download

7. Women Rights  in Islam / Islame Narir Odhikar  –   Download

8. Why the western come to Islam/ pashchattora keno Islamer nikot ashce –  Download

9. Sunnah and Science / sunnat o biggan –   Download

10. Subjects : Questions and Answers/ bishoy vittik proshnottor – Download

11. Similarities between Hinduism and Islam / Islam o Hindu dhormer sadrisho – Download

12. Salah / salat/ Namaj –  Download

13.  The Quran and the Bible – Download

14. Media and Islam / prochar Maddhom o Islam –  Download

15. Islamic Label – Islami besh Dharon – Download

16. Is Islam Solution for Humanity / Islam ki Manobotar somadhan –  Download

17.  Is the Quran God’s Words / Quran ki Allah’r Bani – Download

18. Is terrorism Muslim’s monopoly – sontrashbad ki shudhu muslimder jonno projojjo —  Download

19. Interest Free economics / sud moukto orthoniti — Download

20. Hinduism and Islam / Hinduttobad o Islam — Download

21. Life of Dr. Zakir Naek   – Download

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